RTX 3090 ROG Strix Gaming- ASUS GeForce 24GB Video Card


  • NVIDIA Ampere Streaming Multiprocessors.
  • 2nd Generation Rt Cores.
  • 3rd Generation Tensor Cores.
  • Axial-Tech Fan Design.
  • 9-Slot Design.
  • Super Alloy Power II.
  • GPU Tweak II.
  • Fresh Shroud.
  • Microsoft DirectX® 12 Ultimate.
  • PCB Premium Components.
  • Cooler Out Back.
  • Functional Front.
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What is ASUS RTX 3090 ROG Strix Gaming:

A Graphics card is an important part of our PCs. A graphics card can boost the power of PC. Most of the person want to build up their PCs by high powerful, sophisticated and awesome graphics card. Today we are introducing you a such kind of graphics card which model is RTX 3090 ROG Strix Gaming.



ASUS is using some awesome and outstanding features in This Graphic Card. Let’s know about it:

  • NVIDIA Ampere Streaming Multiprocessors.
  • 2nd Generation Rt Cores.
  • 3rd Generation Tensor Cores.
  • Axial-Tech Fan Design.
  • 9-Slot Design.
  • Super Alloy Power II.
  • GPU Tweak II.
  • Fresh Shroud.
  • Microsoft DirectX® 12 Ultimate.
  • PCB Premium Components.
  • Cooler Out Back.
  • Functional Front.

Moreover, the RTX 3090 ROG Strix Gaming has 1725 MHz Boost Clock in OC mode and 1695 MHz in Gaming mode.


The building blocks for the world’s fastest, most efficient GPU, the all-new Ampere SM brings 2X the FP32 throughput and improved power efficiency in This Graphic Card.


Expertise 2X the throughput of 1st gen RT Cores, plus concomitant RT and shading for a whole incipient caliber of ray tracing performance.


Get up to 2X the throughput with structural sparsity and advanced AI algorithms such as DLSS. Now with support for up to 8K resolution, these cores distribute a massive boost in-game performance and all-incipient AI capabilities.


Axial-tech Fan Design has been incipiently tuned with an inverted central fan direction for less turbulence.


In RTX 3090 ROG Strix  the GPU Tweak II isproviding intuitional performance tweaking, thermal controls, and system monitoring


The two side fans spin counterclockwise to abate turmoil and to extract unnecessary noise, a stop mode halts fans when the GPU temp falls below 50 degrees and power consumption is low in This Card.



In RTX 3090 ROG Strix  To get heat into the heatsink array efficiently, so that it can be whisked away by the potent axial-tech fans, for that reason NVIDIA utilizes a manufacturing process that ameliorates the surface smoothness of the heat spreader at the microscopic level. The extra flatness sanctions for better contact with the die for ameliorated thermal transfer.


The heat spreader draws heat up into heat pipes that carry it through a fin stack that fills a large 2.9-slot footprint. Increasing the heatsink size compared to the last generation provides more thermal headroom to account for the new high-performance chipset.



The top-side RGB element can be customized to display a range of aesthetic and functional effects and also synced with other ASUS components to enable uniform lighting. To fulfil the power demands of the RTX 3090 ROG Strix Gaming, two 8-pin connectors are present, along with onboard LEDs that light up if PSU PCIe power connectors are not plugged in correctly.


Developers can now add even more stunning graphical effects to PC (Microsoft Windows) games. RTX 3090 ROG Strix Gaming graphics cards feature advanced DX12 features such as ray tracing and variable rate shading, bringing games to life with highly realistic visual effects and faster frame rates.




In RTX 3090 ROG Strix Gaming Top-Shelf capacitors, chokes, and, MOSFETs are culled to effortlessly distribute hundreds of watts at a milliseconds notice. The superalloy Power II components are soldered to the PCB utilizing our advanced Auto-Extreme automated manufacturing process. Smooth joins on the rear of the PCB and the elimination of human errors ascertain each graphics card meets our rigorous designations.


The rear of the ROG Strix graphics card sports two PWM Fan Connect headers that provide supplemental DIY flexibility. Chassis fan can be directly annexed to the GPU and tuned with a curve that is predicated on CPU and GPU temperatures, providing extra intake or exhaust for injunctively authorizing 3D tasks.


In addition to under-the-hood design changes, the RTX 3090 ROG Strix Gaming features a new face with metal accents that mirror the design aesthetic of ROG and ROG Strix motherboards. Mixing surface textures and materials make a statement when vertically mounted and lit by chassis LEDs. For those who prefer a sleeker, more subtle look, the greyscale colorway allows it to seamlessly blend into the build.


In RTX 3090 ROG Strix Gaming OC XSplit offers a premium streaming experience with in-game annotations and other advanced features. Enjoy a free license with the purchase of select ASUS graphics cards. See you online!




ASUS have partnered with wtfast to help you to play free from lag, latency issues, and lost packets. With a 6-month subscription to the wtfast Gamers Private Network, you’ll enjoy lower ping for a smoother, more fluid online gaming experience. Buy an ASUS RTX 3090 ROG Strix Gaming graphics card – and don’t be left waiting!


In RTX 3090 ROG Strix Gaming NVIDIA DLSS is groundbreaking AI rendering the boosts frame rates with uncompromised image quality utilizing the dedicated AI processing Tensor Cores on GeForce RTX, this gives you the performance headroom to crank upsetting and resolutions for an incredible visual experience. The AI revaluation has come to gaming.


The underside of the RTX 3090 ROG Strix Gaming reveals a host of improvements. Most of the rear is swathed in a protective metal backplate that prominently features a wide vent. The vent allows hot air to escape towards chassis exhaust fans instead of being recycled back into the GPU cooler. Beneath the GPU, a bracket provides consistent mounting pressure between the die and heat spreader. Stainless steel is used for the I/O bracket to protect ports and provide a more secure mount. A conveniently placed Dual Bios switch allows customization of the card’s default performance profile without software.



When we want to buy a graphics card at first, we are wanting to know about its specification. RTX 3090 ROG Strix Gaming giving an awesome specification for the game loves.

Graphic Engine           –        NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3090

Bus Standard              –        PCI Express 4.0

OpenGL                       –        OpenGL®4.6

Video Memory            –        24GB GDDR6X

Engine Clock               –        OC Mode: 1725 MHz
Gaming Mode: 1695 MHz

CUDA Core                 –        10496
Memory Speed            –        19.5 Gbps

Memory Interface      –        384-bit

Resolution                    –        Digital Max Resolution 7680 x 4320

Interface                      –        Yes x 2 (Native HDMI 2.1)
Yes x 3 (Native DisplayPort 1.4a)
HDCP Support Yes (2.3)

Display Support –        4

NVLink Support         –        Yes

Accessories                  –        1 x ROG Velcro Hook and Loop

1 x Collection Card
1 x ROG Ruler

1 x Speed setup manual.

Software                      –        ASUS GPU Tweak II & GeForce Game                                                                           

Ready Driver and Studio Driver.

Dimensions                  –        12.53″ x 5.51″ x 2.27″ Inch 

Recommended PSU   –        750W

Power Connectors     –        3 x 8-pin

Slot                               –        2.9 Slot



At present graphics card is an important part of a PCs. Most people like to set up a PC by a perfect graphics card. The RTX 3090 ROG Strix Gaming is a best solution of those people. It is not only perfect for gaming but also perfect for 3D Animation, Editing, Rendering etc. It has some special features and its specification is outstanding. So, I suggest to Game Lover you can set up the RTX 3090 ROG Strix Gamingon your PC without hesitation and enjoy it performance.

For More Info About This Product Please Visit: https://rtx3090.cc

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